Monday, June 9, 2008

Monsoon arrives

Monsoon showers have begun in Mumbai. Its been an amazing weekend, on Saturday I watched it rain whilst on Sunday I couldnt stop myself from actually stepping out and welcoming the rains. I was able to take a few pictures from home and the second day I was just able to take some pictures from the car as I couldnt really get my camera out whilst it was pouring.

View from my folks bedroom
Before the rain when it was just a lil cloudy

During the rain

I didnt have my camera charged, so by the time it was charged, the kids and people went indoors :(

On the way to Aksa beach from the car. Local tapri / teastall , he was selling bhajiyas, vada paus and some tea. could get a decent picture as the car moved just when I clicked.

Ever since I have been to Goa I just love the palm trees.

This was a nice green belt we came across, living in a city like Mumbai, its very hard to come across a green patch like this.

The Bhutta(corn) stall from where we got our corn, just before we got into the water

Site of the beach from the bhutta stall. If this is what you call crowded, then you have to visit Juhu or Chowpatty on a weekend.This was the last picture I took as after this we had to keep the camera back in the car as we were gonna get completely drenched.

I wanted to take pictures of the Sandwich stall and the Vada Pau stall but it started pouring heavily. May be next time. :)

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