Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A tweeked version of one of the sunsets from Palolem

Some more sunset pictures, personally I prefer these

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Pictures of the Sunset taken from the restaurant

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More of Palolem

Live shells

The beach was buzzing with people towards the New Years eve.

Another view from one of our beach huts

Palolem from the other side

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Trees & Hammocks

Yeah its the coconut trees again, anyone would fall in love with this site.....cant help it man..


Mysterious Palolem

I love this picture, for soem reason I was obsessed with the boat against the beach. Its like i've got the entire beach from one end to the other.

Beach huts again

Now this is definitely a virgin beach.

Cricket was the only sport I was able to capture besides, surfing, kayaking n volley ball.

Living on the beach 2

Living on the beach...

This is again from the restaurant on the beach. It was wonderful to wake up n sip yur tea/ coffee on the beach n even wine n dine on the beach. Actually am trying to capture the coconut trees spread across until the extreme ends of the beach.

This was the view from our shacks, amazing isnt it??? How good is that eh, not even a minutes walk from your hut....

This was the open air dance floor which was lit up with lazer lights in the evening n some good trance playing

Coconut trees again

Again I was trying to capture the coconut trees spread across the beach - this picture is taken from a restaurant on the beach


The blue and green huts are the shacks while on the right side of the huts is a beach restaurant

It is the best experience living in these shacks on the beach

Coconut Trees

I was so in love with coconut trees, again this is the sight from our boat

Islands at Palolem

During the Dolphin watching you come across the Butterfly Island.

This one is the Honeymoon Island

Sight of the beach from the boat

Dolphin Watching

The locals take you in small boats in the middle of the sea for Dolphin watching and yeah its an amazing sight.

Crystal clear water at Palolem


You have the mountain to climb on, the water to swim and finally chillax n read a book while you sun bathe, its an all in one package - what more does one need

Sunset @ Palolem, Goa

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

@ Opp Mount Mary Church, Mumbai

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