Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Independence Day Special

I had my cousins comes down from Norway last weekend and since India was celebrating its 61st Independence day over the weekend, my sister and I took em to the Gateway of India. The last of the British ships that set sail for England left from the Gateway. One of my all time favourite structures from the British days is the Taj Palace hotel. I have always been a great fan of the architecture, interiors, restaurants shopping arcade of Taj. there is nothing about this place that I dont like. Have been there a few times but this time was special. For those of you who dont now in the picture above the high rise is the Taj Tower which is the new Taj thus ofcourse if very modern where as the structure on the left is the Taj Palace, the original Taj built to welcome King George V & Queen Mary.
For the first time, we got to actually see the most expensive rooms / suites at Taj Palace / Tower. The Taj Palace is very very classic and traditional and still has the butler service for each of the rooms n suites. The room have high ceilings and the spiral staircase. Each room has some Indian antique articraft (I hope not from Chor Bazaar). The second best suite in the Taj Palace is what we saw which costs USD 2500 per night. Unfortunately we couldnt take pictures as we were so over whelmed admiring the rooms that it just didnt strike us. Also come to think of it it would be very embarrassing to actually take pictures inside as the staff was taking us around. The best suite in the Taj Palace is the Presidential suite which was occupied and I cannot even imagine how beautiful it would be.

The Tower is very modern compared to the Palace. The most expensive room in the tower is approx USD 700 per night on the 15th floor. The hotel has 11 restaurants all restaurants have a dress code from either semi formal to formal attire. Most of the times I always went to the coffee shop Shamiana or La Patisserie the pastry shop but this time we went to Masala Kraft the Indian restaurant and the food was just yummilicious. Will cover more about the food and the restaurants another time on Ambrosia but for now am still high on the suite I saw at the Palace.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monsoon arrives

Monsoon showers have begun in Mumbai. Its been an amazing weekend, on Saturday I watched it rain whilst on Sunday I couldnt stop myself from actually stepping out and welcoming the rains. I was able to take a few pictures from home and the second day I was just able to take some pictures from the car as I couldnt really get my camera out whilst it was pouring.

View from my folks bedroom
Before the rain when it was just a lil cloudy

During the rain

I didnt have my camera charged, so by the time it was charged, the kids and people went indoors :(

On the way to Aksa beach from the car. Local tapri / teastall , he was selling bhajiyas, vada paus and some tea. could get a decent picture as the car moved just when I clicked.

Ever since I have been to Goa I just love the palm trees.

This was a nice green belt we came across, living in a city like Mumbai, its very hard to come across a green patch like this.

The Bhutta(corn) stall from where we got our corn, just before we got into the water

Site of the beach from the bhutta stall. If this is what you call crowded, then you have to visit Juhu or Chowpatty on a weekend.This was the last picture I took as after this we had to keep the camera back in the car as we were gonna get completely drenched.

I wanted to take pictures of the Sandwich stall and the Vada Pau stall but it started pouring heavily. May be next time. :)

Monday, May 26, 2008

A cloudy evening

I havent posted here in a while actually, I am so desperately wanting to change this template, but just cudnt get around any. Finally I have decided to stick to this template only.... Havent taken any pics around either except for the ones below a couple of days ago...These pics are taken from my bedroom

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A tweeked version of one of the sunsets from Palolem

Some more sunset pictures, personally I prefer these

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Pictures of the Sunset taken from the restaurant

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More of Palolem

Live shells

The beach was buzzing with people towards the New Years eve.

Another view from one of our beach huts

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